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photo by kauscreative

a big question even i have when considering services from someone is what to expect — and let me tell you, it is this picture!

while i’ve spent a lot of time pining after being a wise, whispering, sagely person, i've started to settle into, well, being me: a silly, loving, rambunctious cartoon character of a person.

i’ve turned to tarot and astrology for guidance in the most thrilling, exhilarating, but also darkest times of my life. through the symbolism of each, i’ve been able to put words and stories to my experiences in ways i never anticipated.

in doing so, these tools have helped me embrace myself in ways i didn’t know was possible from giving voice to my multifaceted nature to helping me face and heal trauma i’ve experienced.

whatever your journey looks like, i would love to help guide you through it using these modalities and the inspiring, healing perspective they give.

my style is highly personal and conversational. i take my role as your guide seriously and what you’ll hear me say until i die is that my priority is for you to feel like this information is usable, helpful, and understandable.

this means that your lived experience comes first and my knowledge comes second. this means no quick fixes, wild promises, telling you who i think you should be, or giving you information that you are left with and not being able to actually implement in your life. instead, i want you to feel inspired, grounded, and curious about what is next in your life after every session.

my specialities

while i’m thrilled to work with folx from all life experiences, i’m particularly experienced in exploring and providing guidance around the following topics:

  • understanding of self

  • family dynamics (including family synastry)

  • mental health & trauma (particularly around childhood/family)

  • spirituality

  • sexuality, gender expression & relationships (particularly for queer individuals and relationships; can include synastry with your partner)

  • vocation & career

star talks

30 minutes for $40 - 60 minutes for $90

take place remotely via zoom

what to expect when you book a session

  • you’ll fill out a form asking for your birth information and what you’re interested in discussing.

  • you’ll receive a zoom link for our meeting time.

  • when it’s time for our session, we’ll use the magic of the internet to connect and have a delightful conversation about your life through the lens of astrology.

  • once our session is over, i’ll send you:

    • a pdf of your natal chart

    • the video recording of the session

    • a summary of themes we discussed — this can include questions to consider, affirmations, and suggestions of what to explore further.

  • after all this, expect some serious encouragement and knowing i’m here if whenever you need another session!

star talks are my personal, one-on-one sessions in which we take your experience and questions and look at them through the lens of astrology for guidance, clarity, and insight.

if you’re an avid, curious student of astrology…

we could discuss your specific placements, the symbolism of different planets, what different aspects mean, and what you should focus on next for you to gain better understanding of your chart.

if you’re experiencing a moment in your life where you’d like extra guidance or want to better understand yourself…

i’ll act as your guide as we navigate your chart—no experience with astrology necessary. i’ll pinpoint which parts of your chart can be messengers and guides that will provide us answers, stories, and inspiration for you to gain better clarity and together, we will weave you a new story or complete ones left unfinished.

what is fundamental in these sessions is that they are centered around your experience and your curiosity.

i am a guide in this process and what matters most to me is whether it feels usable, accessible, and understandable to you. this means having permission to say, “that doesn’t make sense to me” or “can you explain that in a different way.” it also means having space to set boundaries, change the topic, ask questions, or redirect the conversation. you are in control and i am here to provide the guidance that you need in this moment and to help you tap into your curiosity.

this is truly a conversation and it will be a delightful one at that where we get to explore what you’re interested in and bask in the absolute magic of how astrology deeply informs our lives and understanding of ourselves!

learning your astrology

12 weeks of biweekly, 1:1 meetings + personalized exercises

meetings take place via zoom

what is learning your astrology?

learning your astrology is my personalized, 1:1 session series where we dive deeply into your chart, discuss your personal mythologies, how these stories shape your life and understanding of yourself, and how you can turn to your chart and transits for guidance, insight, and support during the most radiant and more dynamic times of your life.

this session series takes place over the course of 12 weeks where we meet remotely via zoom on a biweekly basis. in between our in-person sessions, i will send you inspiring personalized exercises based upon our previous session so you can work with it on your own and create your own associations. the nature of these exercises can range from tarot spreads to assigned readings to journaling prompts & affirmations! their form is based on how you like to learn and what practices you like to work with — we discuss this and more in the free, 15 minute consultation available for anyone interested in this series!

not only will the material that we go over be insightful and impactful, but having reoccurring sessions and sense of safety will allow us to go deeper and explore your chart further—much like it takes a few sessions of therapy, yoga classes, etc. to really start to settle in, get cozy, and feel like you can talk about what you really showed up for!

who is it for?

this is for curious, growth-oriented individuals who want to know the “why” behind the meaning of their chart either for their personal practice or for folks who are continuing their study of astrology perhaps with the intention of offering astrological guidance for others.

if you desire to integrate astrology in a practical, sustainable way into your life based on your lived experience this is for you!

what to expect with learning your astrology

  • six one-on-one, personalized 60 minute astrological lessons

    • sessions will be recorded and sent to you after each session for your reference

    • along with the recording, i’ll send you a summary of the topics we discussed

  • six personalized exercises based on our conversations and lessons delivered directly to your inbox a week

  • fully personalized and customizable sessions based on your interests — i do have a standard syllabus for this course, but variety is the spice of life and we can customize each session this based upon your interests and themes arising throughout our time together

  • a solid foundation of astrological knowledge

  • ability to schedule continuing sessions beyond this series at a discounted rate!


this entire series is priced at a total of $1020 ($85 per session & personalized exercise)

payment can take place in full and i am happy to develop a payment plan with you—whether this means biweekly or monthly payments or payments that extend beyond the 12 week window. i’m happy to discuss this in an additional call outside of our 15 minute feeler call or via email so you can feel confident and settled engaging in this work.

schedule your free 15 minute consultation call

let’s get to know one another! during this call, we can determine the focus of our time together, whether or not i’m a good fit for the work that you’re looking to do (finding a good practitioner for you is everything!), answer questions, and more. simply book below—i can’t wait to meet you.

astro-tarot sessions

30 minutes for $40 - 60 minutes for $90

take place remotely via zoom

i love to see metaphysical modalities as languages that can inform and lend wisdom to one another, which is exactly what you can expect from this reading. otherwise known as my “house by house readings,” this is my interdisciplinary take on providing guidance through using both my knowledge of astrology and tarot.

what you can expect from an astro-tarot session

  • you’ll fill out a form asking for your birth information and what you’re interested in discussing.

  • you’ll receive a zoom link for our meeting time.

  • when it’s time for our session, i will explain what elements i’m looking at to help provide you guidance, why, and draw the cards based on the spread i’ve selected that best suits your individual needs

  • once our session is over, i’ll send you:

    • a pdf of your natal chart & image of the spread/cards

    • the video recording of the session

    • a summary of themes we discussed — this can include questions to consider, affirmations, and suggestions of what to explore further

  • after all this, know i’m cheering for you and am always available to continue this work further with you!

in my astro-tarot sessions, i will utilize your natal chart alongside the tarot to provide guidance and insight for you to be able to live an inspired, informed life. based on the theme of interest to you, i will determine the tarot spread and astrological aspects that our time will be best spent looking at and, alongside you, weave together the narrative of what information is relevant and implementable in your life currently.

what is guaranteed not to happen

while i’m happy to make promises about what i will be providing, know that i will not tell you what to do or make decisions for you! instead, that’s where the richness of this reading comes into play.

i act as a guide to show you which doors are open, what the rooms look like behind them, and which doors seem to be closed for the time being—though you can always check the handle yourself. just like my star talks, this is a conversation that hinges on your experience and needs coming first and my knowledge and insight coming second. you are an authority of your experience and i provide the knowledge about tarot and astrology to help you understand your life, the themes at play, and your position and relationship to each! with that being said, i so look forward to working with you and exploring your life.

what people are saying

Surreal, life guiding, eye opening, mystical, truth telling....

During our recent synastry reading, Bri, from a practical perspective, dropped relevant and applicable knowledge into our lives. She provided very REAL information that we have found to be useful in guiding us while building the foundations necessary for the future of our relationship.

Despite the visual complexity and our unfamiliarity of the charts, Bri broke them down into easily digestible pieces. Pieces that were immensely dense and greatly informative. The personal touch she added to the session also made us feel very much at ease and comfortable with the information being provided. We definitely had a precious, unique and rare experience with Bri that we would love to relive again in the VERY near future.

— h. A & C. H

I received my first ever astrology chart reading with Bri, and would recommend this offering to anyone!

She took the time to customize the reading for not only my chart and what I wanted to focus on, but also my level of understanding of astrology. She made this powerful information easy to understand and digest, all while being a fantastic, empathetic, listener. Her knowledge of astrology is such that she could not only interpret my birth chart, but also see it in context of the stars today, as well as its influences in my past and moving forward. I came away from this reading feeling incredibly grounded and reassured during a particularly intense point in my life. I believe the stars have amazing messages for us, and Bri is the ultimate, supportive guide through this cosmic, alphabet soup.

— a. m.

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