The Origin Story project: 

capturing the stories and voices of witches, pagans, and metaphysical communities in the south

the origin story project is an oral history project based out of durham, North Carolina. while witchcraft, paganism, and metaphysical modalities such as tarot, astrology, and other techniques have gained growing recognition and even acceptance over the past few decades, these systems are still often diminished or dismissed in major media outlets, academia, and other institutions. this project allows for witches, pagans, and practitioners of any metaphysical craft who live in the south to document and preserve their life history and define themselves and their beliefs. through these interviews I hope to capture the incredibly rich variety of people that make up these communities, to preserve knowledge that may be otherwise lost, to consider the influence that the history and culture of the south has on these communities, and to allow people to tell their stories as they want to be told.

I hope that present and subsequent generations of witches, pagans, and practitioners can reflect on and drawn upon these interviews for guidance on their own path. i also hope they prove to be a valuable resource for researchers and interested listeners alike who want to learn more about these topics from a personal, qualitative perspective.