want to participate in the origin story project?

why is this important?

while secrecy has long been important to ensuring the safety of witches, pagans, and metaphysical practitioners, there is also so much knowledge, many rituals, and historical information that has been lost to time due to the lack of historical recordings. it has been too easy for people from all fields to diminish the role of magic in the south or to downplay the sheer amount of people who identity as a witch, pagan, or practitioner of metaphysical modalities. by telling your story, your knowledge and experiences can be preserved for posterity and, along with other interviews, be recognized as a resources by researchers as well as subsequent generations of witches, pagans, and practitioners as they develop their own practices.

furthermore, while witchcraft, paganism, and divination are more mainstream than they have ever been, there are still many harmful stereotypes and perceptions of these communities and beliefs. through providing your story, you have the chance to and tell your story the way you want it to be told and remembered for generations to come.

do I qualify to be interviewed?

currently I am primarily conducting interviews in the Piedmont of North Carolina. that being said, if you are in the southern region of the United States and want to be interviewed, still fill out the form! i may be getting a number of requests from a singular area and can make a trip—we can be in touch with those details.

otherwise, to be interviewed you simply need to consider yourself to be a witch, pagan, or practice a metaphysical modality.

for the purposes of this project, the definition of metaphysical modality is as follows: a form of magic that is used for healing purposes, greater insight into the psyche or physical form, or for divination, this can include reiki or other energy healing work, aura reading, palm reading, astrology, tarot, shamanism, Lenormand, oracle cards, dowsing, manifesting, spell casting, and much more.

what can I expect?

once you decide you want to tell your story, fill out the form below and we will set up a time and place to meet. the interview will take between 1-2 hours.

there is no need to prepare for the interview but here are the topics that you can expect to talk about:

  • childhood

  • school

  • work

  • career

  • family history

  • how you were introduced to your craft or modality

  • opinions on metaphysical topics

  • personal rituals & practices

  • your personal knowledge and experience with metaphysical topics

  • family traditions and rituals

  • opinions and ideas about spirituality and religion

  • hobbies, interests, and skills

we recognize that some of these topics may be sensitive—such as whether or not you want to share your personal rituals—and you can decline to answer questions you are not comfortable with, you can decide to speak on a different topic, or you can indicate to what extent you are willing to share. this is your story for you to tell the way you want it to be captured!

you will have a chance to approve of your interview before it is uploaded to our archive.

what if I change my mind?

if you change your mind at any point we can stop the interview.

who will be able to access this interview?

oral histories are available for the public. they will be kept on our website and via Soundcloud for the general public to be able to access and listen to.

do I need to bring anything?

you are not required to bring anything, but if there are certain ceremonial or ritual pieces you’d like to bring, photograph albums, or texts that you want to have included in the interview, please bring them!


if you have further questions feel free to contact me at hello@tadpolemagic.com!

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