i’m a witch, astrologer, tarot reader, and writer living in durham, north carolina! i founded tadpole magic in august 2018 to provide inspiration and insight into living an intentional, magical life through tarot, astrology, witchcraft, and more which i do through my blog posts & instagram!

as of this spring, i’m thrilled to have these offerings available after thinking intently about exactly how i wanted to utilize my astrological knowledge to help provide guidance and facilitate you to tap into your inner wisdom.

as you are looking at these offerings, i want to let you know that while i’m more than happy to work with folx from all life experiences, but that i am particularly experienced in exploring and providing guidance around the topics of family dynamics, trauma (particularly around childhood & family), mental health, sexuality (i am a queer individual myself), and career.

along with my pricing listed below, i also offer two sliding scale spots for any service a month for the price of $40/session. simply get in touch with me to check my sliding scale availability!

if you have any questions about my offerings, my practice, how we can work together, pricing, and more, simply send me a note! you can also get an idea of who i am as a person (and whether you want me as your astrologer) by listening to the podcast i co-host called open magic!

otherwise, i so look forward to getting to know you and learning from your experience in our conversations together.



p.s. don’t forget to check out my testimonials below!



$100 for 1 hour

your natal chart is your unique, energetic fingerprint represented by the snapshot of the stars’ and planets’ positions in the sky when you were born. in this one hour reading, you can expect a lovely, cozy conversation between the two of us as i guide you through your chart including planetary placements, key aspects, and major themes of your chart.


multiple payment options ($75-80/biweekly session)

when i received my first natal chart reading, my mind was filled with the question “why?” after each piece of insight offered. as i delved into my studies, i was also inspired by how other healing arts like therapy, yoga, massage, and acupuncture rely on multiple sessions for there to be any true change in our behaviors, mindsets, and outlooks.

i want to apply this methodology to astrology, help you establish a personal astrological practice through providing answers to those “why” questions, and provide the tools necessary for you to be able to use your natal chart as a map to provide insight and direction in your life!

while one hour natal chart readings can be deeply immersive and impactful, i feel like it just opens up the door. it’s like learning just enough to be able to start asking questions in the first place.

if you are itching to learn more about your chart, how to read it, and, much more, utilize it in a personal astrological practice to provide guidance and clarity in your life—learning your astrology is for you.

it is a 12 week immersive course where we meet one on one and i create custom exercises for you to start exploring your chart, piece by piece, in a way that is based off of your lived experiences and feels usable to you!



$100 for 1 hour (value of $120)

$150 for 1.5 hours (value of $180)

is astrology your language, but you’re curious about tarot? love tarot, but want to dip your toes into astrology? whether you love both or are new to either, i’m thrilled to offer this fun, insightful offering that combines the insight that both astrology and tarot has to provide.

in this tarot-astrology lovechild of a reading, i will draw one card for each of your twelve astrological houses for us to consider while referring to your natal chart! each of these twelve houses represent a particular aspect of your life—almost like rooms in a house if we want to simplify it—and based on the cards, we can unfurl the conversation into understanding what themes, lessons, and insight exists for each of these aspects of your life and thus of yourself!


I received my first ever astrology chart reading with Bri, and would recommend this offering to anyone! She took the time to customize the reading for not only my chart and what I wanted to focus on, but also my level of understanding of astrology. She made this powerful information easy to understand and digest, all while being a fantastic, empathetic, listener. Her knowledge of astrology is such that she could not only interpret my birth chart, but also see it in context of the stars today, as well as its influences in my past and moving forward. I came away from this reading feeling incredibly grounded and reassured during a particularly intense point in my life. I believe the stars have amazing messages for us, and Bri is the ultimate, supportive guide through this cosmic, alphabet soup.
— Avalon
Surreal, life guiding, eye opening, mystical, truth telling....
During our recent synastry reading, Bri, from a practical perspective, dropped relevant and applicable knowledge into our lives. She provided very REAL information that we have found to be useful in guiding us while building the foundations necessary for the future of our relationship.
Despite the visual complexity and our unfamiliarity of the charts, Bri broke them down into easily digestible pieces. Pieces that were immensely dense and greatly informative. The personal touch she added to the session also made us feel very much at ease and comfortable with the information being provided. We definitely had a precious, unique and rare experience with Bri that we would love to relive again in the VERY near future.
— Hazel A and Carolyn H