the 12 week immersive astrology course to learn about your unique natal chart

Learning Your Astrology is for curious, growth-oriented individuals who want to have an in-depth understanding of their birth chart and how it manifests in their lives, but without having to learn all of astrology in the process! This is perfect if you want to be in better alignment with yourself and understand how your chart manifests in your day-to-day lives, relationships (including with yourself), and with ongoing astrological transits.

if you are interested in learning more about astrology as a whole, or even becoming an astrologer yourself, this experience will provide an excellent foundation of astrological concepts while providing the chance for you to witness how these energies, archetypes, and concepts manifest themselves through a natal chart!

over the course of 12 weeks, I will pair conversations between us with customized exercises to help you gain a stronger sense of understanding around your natal chart placements in a way that is rooted in your own lived experience and is applicable to your life! NOT ONLY WILL THE MATERIAL THAT WE GO OVER BE INSIGHTFUL AND IMPACTFUL, BUT having reoccurring sessions and sense of safety will allow us to go deeper and explore your chart further—much like it takes a few sessions of therapy, yoga classes, etc. to really start to settle in, get cozy, and feel like you can talk about what you really showed up for.

what to expect


we will meet either in person if you’re local to Durham, NC or via zoom every other week for an hour session to discuss distinct parts of your chart which we, together, will weave into a story of your past, present, and future selves.

this will be a true dialogue where you will have full authority to ask questions, steer the conversation based on your curiosities and interests, and set boundaries about what you wish to discuss.

i will offer my experience in astrology, active listening, and guidance based on the boundaries you set and experiences you wish to discuss and explore. that being said, i do not offer medical advice, make decisions for you, assign labels to you or your experience, or offer specific relationship advice—only discussions about broader dynamics and patterns.

instead, i am here to help you access your personal power and provide the language to this power and your experiences through astrology. i think that everyone is special and has something to offer the world! through working together, i hope we can tap into what feels right for your needs, energy, and goals and foster a strong astrological practice so you can find alignment with yourself and the life you want to lead.


these biweekly meetings will be paired with weeks of exercises and opportunities for reflection developed from our conversations and intentions you’ve set for our time together that will be delivered directly to your inbox the day of the week we typically meet!

these exercises can range from recorded guided meditations, sigils, rituals, physical movement, readings, and more! the intention is for you not to just learn about these energies from an archetypal perspective, but to grapple with, feel, and consider them through your own perspective and experiences. this process will help provide language for parts of yourself and chart a pathway towards your personal growth.


WEEK 1 & 2


followed by an exercise developed to explore topics related to your sun, moon, and rising signs!

WEEK 3 & 4


followed by an Exercise to explore topics around what you love, how you express yourself, and your passions!

WEEK 5 & 6


followed by an Exercise around what brings you a sense of expansion, your sense of responsibilities and boundaries, as well as the Midheaven and Imum coeli aspects of your chart.

WEEK 7 & 8


followed by an Exercise related to exploring these more generational planets and how they manifest in your chart!

WEEK 9 & 10


followed by Exercises related to fixed stars and asteroids in your chart and what knowledge they can bring you!

WEEK 11 & 12


This final session is all about addressing any topics you’ve become particularly interested in during our exploration of your chart followed by a FINAL EXERCISE TO REFLECT UPON THE ENTIRETY OF THIS PROCESS, THE INTENTIONS YOU’VE SET, AND A FINAL SEND OFF NOTE!




pay in full at the beginning of this series for a total of $450!



pay prior to each 2 week session over the course of 12 weeks for a total of $480

pay per topic


each biweekly pairing (session + associated exercise) are available for individual purchase for $90.



i accept 2 clients per month on a sliding scale basis for any session—including the entirety of this course at a rate of $40/session for a total of $240.

please email to inquire about my sliding scale availability.



it’s lovely to meet you, i’m bri!

i’m a witch, astrologer, tarot reader, and writer living in durham, north carolina! i founded tadpole magic in august 2018 to provide inspiration and insight into living an intentional, magical life through tarot, astrology, witchcraft, and more.

i’ve been dabbling in astrology since i was a teenager, but in the past few years, as i’ve faced some rougher patches in my life, i found that practicing astrology and tarot helped me find language to times that have been unabashedly joyful as well as moments of devastation. i found these systems helped me find both honesty and compassion with myself, recognize my own potential, and provide an anchor in times i felt confused, lost, and adrift.

even more, they helped me settle into these feelings of uncertainty and be at peace with not always knowing the “why” or answer to the events in my life.

when i’ve discussed astrology with my friends, the one word i kept hearing over and over was intimidated. whenever i looked at my friend’s charts, they breathed a sigh of both joy and relief. they expressed how grateful they were for their chart to be explained in a straightforward way that is rooted in their lived experience. it finally felt usable and navigable to them!

hence the creation of this personalized course. your astrological chart is a map to provide you guidance and ask you questions so you can delve deeper into your experiences and unique qualities. i want to help you learn the language of this map so you can similarly turn to it for guidance, direction, and orientation!


while i am thrilled to work with folks from all life experiences, i am particularly experienced in exploring and providing guidance around the topics of family dynamics, trauma (particularly around childhood & family), mental health, sexuality (i am a queer individual myself), and career.

i look forward to meeting you and working with you through this course, or one of my other offerings. if you have any questions, make sure to schedule a 15 minute free consultation with me which i discuss below!


interested in this program but have some questions or just want to see if we click? i am a huge advocate for finding the right teacher or guide to work with—whether that’s for a yoga class or this astrological course!

that’s why i offer a completely free, 15 minute consultation for anyone that is interested in signing up for this program to answer questions, determine what paired exercises you are interested in, and for us to determine what areas of your life we may want to particularly focus on in our conversations together!

15 minute consultations are available via zoom, just book your slot below!

i can’t wait to meet you and learn how we can work together!