House by house tarot reading

a deep dive into the twelve houses of your natal chart through tarot!

is astrology your language, but you’re curious about tarot? love tarot, but want to dip your toes into astrology? whether you love both or are new to either, i’m thrilled to offer this fun, insightful offering that combines the insight that both astrology and tarot has to provide.


our natal charts are comprised of 12 different houses that represent distinct components of our lives, both within our minds and out in the lives, from our belief systems to our experience of family and heritage. in this reading, i will draw one card for each of your houses for us to discuss and consider. i will draw upon my knowledge of astrology and your birth chart as well as my knowledge of tarot for us to understand what energies you are working with in these areas of your life through both the cards presented and your natal placements!

the result will be a cozy, informative conversation between the two of us where you’ll be able to learn the major lessons and influences acting in each of these areas of your life. you’ll be able to approach these areas of your life with greater understanding and self-awareness so you can begin work to reform patterns, tap into unique opportunities, and have a better understanding of yourself!


this reading is available in 1 hour ($100) and 1.5 hour ($150) sessions* depending on how much time you want us to have to go in depth with this reading! readings will take place either in person if you’re local to durham, nc, or via zoom for remote readings! at the end of the reading, i will send you a picture of your reading and our main takeaways for each house in the form of pdf delivered directly to your inbox.

there is a form associated with this purchase that will ask for details such as your birth date, birth time, and birth location which i will use to calculate your natal chart to provide the most insight i can into this reading. there is also an opportunity to indicate if there’s anything in particular you want to focus on during this reading.

i look forward to working with you and just reach out to me via email if you have any questions!

*p.s. i do offer two sliding scale spots each month for $40 for any appointment type. if you are needing to utilize a sliding scale spot, just reach out to me and i’ll let you know what my availability looks like for my sliding scale readings!