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photo by estee Janssens via unsplash.

photo by estee Janssens via unsplash.

tadpole magic is a story-based, community-focused blog with the purpose of sharing our experience, knowledge, and insight with one another with the purpose of connecting with one another and also engaging in critical, constructive dialogue around our metaphysical practices and experiences. this is so we, as individuals and a community, can more consciously and intentionally engage with our own practices and to gain deeper insight into the modalities we study and engage with!

my priority is to feature writing from individuals who are traditionally marginalized, writing that constructively challenges and provides deeper insight into metaphysical topics and ritual, and also personal experiences of people from all walks of life.

that being said, submissions can cover almost anything related to magic, witchcraft, and more and can be in a variety of formats!

examples of this include:

  • tarot and astrology in literature

  • poems or lyric essays about magical/witchy topics

  • magical and spiritual experiences

  • your personal path to witchcraft/paganism/etc

  • feminist, queer, anti-capitalist, etc. interpretations, insights, and uses of magic/witchcraft

  • family traditions of rituals, witchcraft, and more

  • meditation exercises

  • photoessays about magic and witchcraft

  • historic insights into magic, ritual, spells, and spirituality

  • research essays about magic, ritual, spells, and spirituality

  • intersection of identity and spirituality

  • using metaphysical tools for emotional healing

  • recipes or tips for wellness and self-care

this is by no means an all inclusive list, but hopefully this opens some doors for different ideas!

features & reviews

I am more than happy to field requests to either promote your tarot deck, book, kickstarter, etc. or to review your product. my desire to review or promote said campaigns and products follow the same goals that are in place for writing submissions, so take a moment to read over those before sending me an email. if you feel like tm is a suitable platform for a review or feature, send me your inquiry at hello@tadpolemagic.com with the subject line of either feature - product name or review - product name. please be explicit about what you are expecting from either a feature or review and please note that I have the right to decline featuring or reviewing your product. otherwise, I’ll be in touch within a week!


if you have a piece that you’d like to send or a pitch you’d like to propose, go ahead and fill out the form below! I’m the only one reviewing these currently so give me a few days to get back to you :) i’m excited to read what you want to share!

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Let us know the idea for your piece and include details such as medium (personal essay, photo essay, nonfiction, poetry, etc.), which section of the site you feel like this fits best, and whether this piece is complete or you're still in the formation stage (totally fine either way!).
not to worry, our submissions are open to brand new writers, but if you have other work to show we would love to read over it!