Ritual Ideas for Uranus in Taurus & the New Moon in Pisces

as you may have heard, we are in a time that is flush with transits. i personally love to see transits as opportunities and invitations to work with these energies rather than this force from above here to wreak havoc on our lives. this week, we get to work with the new moon in pisces, mercury retrograding in pisces, and uranus moving back into taurus after its recent retrograde into aries. if you haven’t had a chance to read about these transits and would like to understand the energy we are working with, head over to this post that i wrote talking all about these early march transits!

otherwise, this combination of transits leaves ripe opportunity for rituals and i wanted to provide a few ideas i had from more extravagant to simpler rituals. you can still work with the new moon’s energy for a few days after today, plus mercury is going to be in retrograde for a few weeks and uranus in taurus for 7 years! you may want to call upon these rituals at different times of this month or even build upon them for similar transits in the future. either way, these are just ideas that you can feel free to follow to a “t” or modify based on materials you have or based on your own intuition. i would love to hear what you end up doing for your ritual! feel free to message me on instagram or send me a note, i would love to hear from you!

for myself, i really want to tap into the physical nature of taurus and the watery, transmutable energy of pisces. this transit naturally lends itself to a ritual shower or bath. based on which is available, or preferable, to you here are some suggestions.

  1. ritual bath or shower

a ritual bath or shower is a wonderful way to tap into the sensual, physical nature of taurus while embracing the transcendent, watery nature of pisces.

while all of these supplies are optional, if you have them available i would recommend using the following:

  • a black, white, and/or green candle(s)

  • herbs that you associate with abundance or spirituality (there are some ideas listed in this article), for me i would use:

    • cinnamon

    • rosemary

    • frankincense

  • any special body oils, soaps, face masks that you would like to use

as you prepare for your shower, based on your preference and the herbs that you’ve chosen decide if you’d like to use them to dress your candle or if you like to use the herbs in your shower or bath.

as you draw your bath or prepare your shower, consider the intention or mantra that you are working with. think of this word or phrase as you light your candles, keeping them in a safe spot on the bathroom counter or bathtub.

when you enter the water, before you use any body care items on yourself, think about the stories you’ve been telling yourself that you’d like to wash away. allow the flow of the water to help ease this transition and process of unburdening. this may be a practice that you implement each day as it often takes practice and focused efforts to release the stories we have interwoven into ourselves.

once you feel like you have taken enough time to try to remove any stories or thoughts about yourself that you no longer want to carry, you can take up the body care items and herbs. as you massage them along your body, feel this gold light enter your physical form. continue to think of your intention or mantra as this light intensifies and wraps you in its aura. you hold this light with you now and will need to nourish it, but that will happen as long as you think of this intention and mantra.

a new technique i have recently liked using is, if you have an enclosed shower, drawing sigils in the steam on the glass and seeing them dissolve through the process of the shower. you can do the same using just the steam on your mirror as well!

take your time but also trust yourself to know when you are ready to step out and move forward with your day. this just commences your practice with this intention and it will grow over the moon cycle and even beyond if you choose to stick with it!

2. plant magic

consider buying a plant associated with prosperity and abundance. personally, i’m looking at buying a money tree.

from there, you can write your intentions or sigils on a slip of paper and burying it into the soil of the plant. this provides for a slower form of release of these intentions over time. plus, as you care for the plant, you can think about literally growing these intentions and giving them life.


3. tarot spread

if tarot is the medium you like to work with, and especially if you find understanding astrological events through the narratives that tarot provides easier, i would recommend this simple but informative spread i’m working with myself.

requiring six cards, this spread includes a bottom row of three cards, a second row of two cards, and a final single card at the top. the question for each row is as follows.

bottom row: what does uranus in taurus mean for my life?

second row: what does the new moon in pisces mean for my life?

top card: what does these transits mean together for my life?

i'‘ll admit i’m a bit loose on my question-making and trust for my deck to give me the information i need. that being said, you can easily change some of the meanings of these questions to be more specific if you have those questions to ask. personally, i just wanted to see the landscape in front of me and how i could journey through it!


working with taurus and pisces gives us an opportunity to find ritual centered around connecting our body and, not just our mind, but our soul and square the physical and spiritual planes of our existence.

finding intentional movement during this time is a wonderful opportunity to practice this connection. how i would recommend going about this is finding a mantra or intention to center yourself around that is soul-focused and based on your dreams and what would fulfill you on a soul-level and combining this with movement.

this could mean going on a walk and meditating on that intention while gazing at the landscape around you—how does this start a dialogue in your head? what symbols become prominent to you? what parts of the landscape even provide answers for how to move towards those intentions?

swimming is truly the ideal piscean activity as you embody the zodiac sign’s symbol of the fish, but you could exercise this intentional movement in any form between yoga to lifting weights to going on a run. my only recommendation would maybe be not to listen to music or listen to only music without words—give your brain space to breathe and get dreamy.


i’m so excited to see what you decide to do to step into the opportunities these transits provide us.

always remember that this practice is about you and what you need. some days, just sitting in silence for five minutes or doing a check in to notice shifts in particular aspects of your life around these themes is the most work you will be able to do and that’s okay! other times, you may have plenty of materials at your disposal and the time to match, make the most of it!

either way, i’m excited to see what comes from the intentions we set!

keep me posted about what you’re working with, if you have questions or ideas that you’d like to share, or if you’d just like to say hey. you can always message me on instagram or drop me a note!

until next time,