Moon Meditation: Reconciling with your Moon Sign

This moon seeps through, leaves

no clue where it’s going or where it’s been

poker-faced through five decades of fall.

It holds me fast in its orange tint,

hints new love, the kind that staves off

dark space that multiply by night—

teak chairs in the breakfast nook,

empty rooms with unplugged clocks,

time stopped on old soccer trophies,

wide-eyed, open-armed plush,

and, layered in bottom drawers like mulch,

magazines that once mattered to my son.

These rooms fill and expand with the past.

Its presence gleams in this world

with feral eyes. It paws past papered walls,

skulks by mirrors, scarred and lined,

past unlit candles in cut-glass rings

that wait to burn in someone’s name.

And in the dust, shades fainter

than any howl, a cricket’s thrill—

as if it alone outlasts the cold.

Nancy Naomi Carlson

photo by Casey Horner via

photo by Casey Horner via

the internet & our relationship with ourselves

in the age of the internet and, with it, the prevalence of astrology memes, it has been interesting to observe the phenomena of how common and easy it has become to transform aspects of ourselves—as interpreted through astrology and our natal charts—into their own characters. we often blame this cast of characters for our misfortunes, misjudgments, and for acting in ways that our sense of rationality doesn’t approve of.

we can witness this phenomena in action with the multitudes of “is mercury in retrograde?” shirts, coffee mugs, stickers, you name it, to having the different signs be reduced to their lowest common denominator and astrology being used to tell people who they are versus using it as an complex, informative practice.

now don’t get me wrong, I love astrology memes as much as the next person. It is special kind of catharsis that these memes and jokes about different astrological placements bring. it makes you and your struggle with different aspects of your life feel acknowledged and seen. at the same time, there always has to be balance and the entertainment we seek often acts as a reflection of our collective psyche. with the popularity of these memes, it is much easier to attribute the aspects of our lives that we are ashamed of to external forces, these seemingly bad actors that aren’t interested in matching up who you are with your preconceived notions of who you want to be. we can all sympathize with this struggle, and so we all partake in the entertainment—sometimes it makes aspects of ourselves that require emotional work, that may feel burdensome or shameful at times, and transforms them into something humorous and manageable.

the moon is one of these planets that often falls out of good graces when we are facing parts of ourselves that are activating, still require healing, or that we can’t control.

when we consider what the moon represents, it becomes apparent why it represents factors of our lives that we find difficult to work with and that society has conditioned us to dissociate ourselves from.

the moon

the moon represents the parts of our life that we cannot overpower through sheer force of our will. instead, it represents our needs that need to be met in their own right such as our appetite, thirst, and hormonal cycles such as sleep. in doing so, it represents surrender, listening, passivity, tending to our needs and acknowledging our desires. it reminds us that life is cyclical, that we all have our own ebb and flows, our own cycles of energy, desires, interests, that come and go with time—that we are ever changing beings. it also holds some of the most vulnerable, tender components of ourselves. it represents where we derive our sense of security, how we feel recognized on a soul level, where we feel childish glee and our most basic comforts, our associations with childhood, past lives, and our subconscious.

in a society that is based on sun-centric values, that rewards the exercise of sheer willpower and dominance over any inherent need or desire, and sets up expectations for what we should want and have versus what we actually desire, it is no wonder the moon and the way its archetype presents itself is quite challenging!

as a result, we push it away and try to cleave this “emotional” side of ourselves, but get overwhelmed when our needs and desires rear their head and demand they are met.

we instead face burnout, imposter syndrome, sleep deprivation, impulse buying, having spiritual gurus tell us what we need, prescriptive self-care regimens, neglected inner children, fear of expressing our more freeform, childish selves, and struggle to create relationships that meet our needs because we don’t even know what those needs are.

i’m writing this when the first full moon of the year—based on the Gregorian calendar—is high in the sky for 2019. when it reaches its peak at 0 degrees in Leo, it will sit directly on top of my natal moon also stationed at 0 degrees in Leo; I suppose it has offered a bit of inspiration to consider how to heal our relationship with these planets and, in doing so, heal our relationship with ourselves. as a result, i’ve composed this journaling meditation to help you start to reacquaint yourself with your moon, empower your personal relationship and interpretation of your moon sign and its aspects, and to hopefully start the internal dialogue necessary to start The healing process for any wounds that remain centered around your moon.

featured image by vidar nordli mathisen via

my natal chart via

my natal chart via

healing with your moon sign: a journaling meditation

  1. you will need your natal chart for this exercise. you may already have this readily available, otherwise you can access websites such as where you will enter your name, date of birth, time of birth, and the location you were born for your chart to be generated.

  2. take a look at your full chart—if you are new to astrology, you will see a circle divided into twelve sections, glyphs around the circle, and lines drawn between each glyph.

  3. spot the glyph that looks like a crescent moon: ☽

  4. when you spot this symbol, look at the number of the section it is in—this is the house it is located within.

  5. also look to see which section it is included in based on the zodiac symbols—this is your “moon sign” or the zodiac sign that rules over your moon.

  6. you may also notice a number near the ☽ glyph or in the table you’re referencing—this is the degree your natal moon is stationed at and may prove useful.

  7. if you are more comfortable and practiced with utilizing your astrological chart, you may write down the different aspects to your moon as well.

once you have collected each of these pieces of information, write each of them out onto a piece of paper.

for myself, my moon is in the 4th house, is in Leo, and is at 0 degrees.

each of these pieces of information carry its own story and insight into yourself, your relationship with yourself, and how these different aspects within your birth chart relate to one another. this is not so much as a test, but a writing prompt to start peeling back the layers or exploring the many tributaries and channels that feed into this aspect of your life—and they will continue to shift and change as you grow and develop.

jupiter in virgo  (1965), Renee Magritte

jupiter in virgo (1965), Renee Magritte



1ST CORRESPONDS WITH SELF/IDENTITY, 2ND MONEY/POSSESSION, 3RD communications/kindred connection, 4th home/family, 5th self-expression/play/children, 6th health, 7th partnership, 8th sex/power, 9th philosophy/higher ed, 10th career/work/social status, 11th friendships/the collective, 12th spirituality/subconscious

each of these keywords can act as a point of inspiration and divergence, but doesn’t need to confine your imagination.

reference which house your moon is in and begin reflecting in your journal what your experience is with that aspect of your life.

  • what are you initial responses — notice them in your body, write them down.

  • what memories come to mind with this area of your life?

  • what colors, smells, feelings, sensations, come up?

  • keywords?

  • do you associate this with an environment outside of the one that these memories took place in?

in this process, consider the relationship you have between this house and the aspects that this moon represents.

  • how do you see the moon and what it encapsulates appear?

  • what are your associations with security, emotion, comfort, or needs in this landscape?

  • how do they appear?

  • what is your reaction to the moon’s influence in this aspect of your life?

  • how would you like to see the moon manifest itself in this space?

  • what do you need to listen to?


the sign your moon is in will provide greater detail to its own flavor and texture that it may present itself. while this encourages some of the characterization we see on the internet and through memes, we are going to develop this for the purposes of becoming familiarized with the moon in your life so we can form a relationship, listen to and meet its needs.

check which area of the zodiac your moon falls under and begin to free associate with that sign.

consider factor such as:

  • the season that zodiac sign represents

  • people you know that embody the sun sign of this sign—how is your experience or relationship with this energy different or similar

  • what story do you tell yourself about this zodiac sign?

  • what blame do you want to put on its character?

  • what makes you uncomfortable? what comforts you about this sign?

  • how does this characterization of your moon interact with the landscape of the house its in? perhaps journal a scene or meditate without writing and imagine the interplay.

  • what resistance do you feel against bracing this part of yourself?

  • how do you see this archetype or energy reflected in greater society or in your day?

photo by Lukas klemm via

photo by Lukas klemm via


hopefully this has started some form of dialogue within yourself about the moon and what it represents for you and the associations you have. if you are looking for additional information to consider or draw up additional associations, I personally like to consider the degree of different planets.

with the degree known, we can reference sabian symbols were produced in 1925 by clairvoyant Elsie Wheele, in which she provides a different symbol for every degree of the zodiac—which can be referenced via cafe astrology.

these symbols may seem a bit bizarre or silly initially, but I find that they can be an interesting starting point that brings in associations we wouldn’t normally consider—just like how writing prompts we are unfamiliar with can bring in new facets of our imagination and association.


if you chose to write down the different aspects in relation to your moon, this can be a starting point to continuing to explore through your chart using similar methods.

the different aspects will describe the relationship that your moon has with other planets in your life and may provide further information about internal conflicts you may experience, needs that seem to be confusing or difficult to identify, or a difficulty in getting settled and finding security due to harder aspects such as oppositions and squares—or you may find a unique fulfillment of the needs that you have through conjunctions and trines (and later oppositions and squares as it becomes a working practice).


this is not meant to be an exercise in finality or even that of “accuracy,” but instead an exercise rooted in compassion, self-discovery, and empowerment. while there is plenty of lovely literature out there that you can dive into about your sun, moon, and other planets—know that what matters at the end of the day is its usefulness to you. you hold within yourself your own experience of every single one of these placements and you will continue to understand their different dimensions and influences as you progress through your life through your own decisions as well as through different transits.

with that in mind, I highly encourage getting creative with your mode of exploration!

other ideas for exploring and healing your relationship with your moon sign:

  • create a playlist of the songs that you relate to this aspect

  • create a collage

  • make your own form of art

  • make your own song

  • host a discussion

i’m excited to share my own work with this in the next few weeks on my instagram.

if you are interested in sharing your own work with this or have questions, feel free to reach out or share via instagram, facebook, or write me a note!

much love,