How to Use Synchronicities for Guidance

I decided to write down a list of birds and associate a department with each of them. I said, if I’m meant to apply to history, let me hear or see a bluebird, and so it went. I didn’t have to wait long, because that evening my partner opened up the door to let our dog out and a barred owl, which I had associated with the program I ended up applying and being admitted to, gave just two loud, distinct hoots before quieting down. I had my sign.
photo by  benjamin voros  via unsplash.

photo by benjamin voros via unsplash.

You’ve checked your clock at 3:33 for the past five days and your receipt was for $33.33. You start considering a career change and start seeing signs everywhere for going back to school, exactly for the Master’s program you were considering. You hear an old song that brings up a familiar memory in the restaurant you’re in, then in the store later, then when you’re driving home.

Synchronicities are these wonderful moments in life that often fill us with this magical shiver. It reminds us of the interconnected nature of life in the most delightful way. Whether you call them coincidences, moments of serendipity, or chance, synchronicities is defined as:

SYNCHRONICITY - the simultaneous occurrence of events which appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection.

Regardless of how stunning or even chilling they are, we have a tendency to brush them off with our more rational faculties. After all, if we started recognizing these moments of chance now wouldn’t that have implications for the rest of your life?

Funny you ask, because.. well…


While there is actually a dazzling comfort that comes with just being a speck in the universe and in time, synchronicities act as a reminder that our lives and the day to day happenings in them are intentional and significant. It provides a language between us and the forces acting in the universe. When we feel like we are floating and adrift or even just uncertain about the next step, synchronicities act as fairy lights in the garden to light our way. If you work with angels or spirit guides, they provide a perfect means to bolster communication and provide more recognizable guidance through symbols.

Alright, this sounds great, but how and why do you use synchronicities?


keeping a synchronicity journal is a great way to start your practice with these symbols!  Photo by  Estée Janssens  on  Unsplash

keeping a synchronicity journal is a great way to start your practice with these symbols!

Photo by Estée Janssens on Unsplash


this is a crucial step for developing your practice with synchronicities and is often where i think people tripped up. often, we think that there are only specific forms of synchronicities we can acknowledge or that they have to basically fall out of the sky and hit us on the head. for some people, numbers are their language, other people recognize songs the instant they walk in the store, other people hold great symbolic significance in animals. start with something that automatically makes you perk up and that you’re already paying attention to! for me, it’s always been birds and i was inspired to write this piece because numbers, while definitely not being my go-to, have suddenly started filling my world with messages.

as you move through your day, start to become more observant of whatever language you have chosen. if it’s birds like me, just recognize when it seems like birds are just doing their thing versus when they seem to be prominent or even out of place.


why you can definitely experience a synchronicity only once and gather a significant message from it, a lot of signs and symbols show up frequently. for me, despite numerology not being my forte, i’ve looked at my phone at 4:44 pm every day for the past week. by keeping a journal, we can record these repeat events and start to see that it isn’t just chance, but a reoccurring event with significance.

so start writing down whatever seems to catch your attention naturally—and don’t hesitate! this is part of the practice, as time goes on you’ll develop your ability to discern between these more regular happens and when it seems like there’s something to really pay attention to.


that’s right! dialogue with the universe! a lot of times we get bogged down with the significance of the universe and the messages it brings us, but from my experience it—along with our angels and spirit guides—have actually quite the sense of humor and want to talk to you. this is also the perfect practice if you are wanting to build up your relationship with your guides, angels, deities, etc. while you can certainly start by asking for a more serious sign, asking for lesser, more playful signs can take the pressure off. this can include asking to see a pink car when you’re driving, or getting through as many green lights as possible, or hearing a song by an artist you love.


like i stated at the beginning of this piece, synchronicities can help us listen to the universe and its message when it feels a little foggy. when i was applying for graduate school this past fall, i knew exactly what i wanted to do in graduate school but couldn’t figure out what department it fit in since it was slightly multidisciplinary. i decided to write down a list of birds and associated a department with each of them. i said, if i’m meant to apply to history, let me hear or see a bluebird, and so it went. i didn’t have to wait long, because literally that evening my partner opened up the door to let our dog out and the barred owl, which i had associated with the program i ended up applying to, gave just two loud, distinct hoots before quieting down.

photo by  Milan Popovic  via unsplash

photo by Milan Popovic via unsplash


whether it’s finding a new job, finding direction in your career, figuring out where to live, or something on a smaller scale. you can ask for help! this is the purpose these synchronicities in the first place, is acting like a line between you and the universe or the guides that you turn to. don’t feel selfish in asking for help, you aren’t meant to move through your life alone stumbling through the dark. there tend to be two different ways to ask for a sign.

  1. open ended: you may not have signs that you automatically turn to or maybe you just want to see what appears. here, you would not assign particular symbols to different outcomes, instead asking for a sign to provide guidance for particular aspects of your life.

  2. assigned: this is particularly useful for decision making. whether it’s deciding to quit your job, move, or apply to a grad program like i did, sit down with a list where you assign an outcome to a particular symbol. for me, i assigned the different departments i was considering to different birds and whichever i saw or heard first was what i should pursue.

going through this process can be as elaborate or as simple as you’d like. here are a few ideas:

  • sit in meditation for 15 minutes, thinking about the topic that you desire guidance on. you may say out loud or write on paper either that you need a sign for direction, or describe what symbols you’ve assigned with different outcomes. thank your guides.

  • create a candle to help you manifest the future or endeavor you want to pursue. if you are needing help finding a new job, you could ask for a sign about what career path to follow and how while making a candle focused around abundance, success, and clarity. i find that clarity is genuinely an intention i could work with every month.

  • create a spell jar with the thing(s) you need guidance on. fill the jar with herbs and crystals associated with your ask, as you place it on your altar, meditate and ask aloud for assistance in finding clarity and guidance around these aspects of your life.

photo by  Morgan McDonald  via unsplash.

photo by Morgan McDonald via unsplash.


the universe and your guides will also be giving you signs that you didn’t ask for! as you keep a journal or are just generally mindful for these patterns in your life, get curious about what these repeating signs may mean for you. for example, i recently wrote a post about how i was having a tough day at work and saw fifty robins outside, then the next morning i was scrolling through my instagram feed and saw a book called “what the robin knows” as i was about to place a book order! i started to reflect on and get curious about what robins represent and particularly what they represent to me.

even if it seems strange, if you start to see something occur over and over, get curious! ask, what does this represent to me mentally and emotionally? is there something to learn? can this be integrated into my magical work?


above all, just listen. let the universe and its language become like a good friend. keep the lines of communication open and be gentle about second guessing yourself about the signs that you are seeing—or maybe not seeing after having asked! when we ask for signs and symbols, there is typically not a timeline. there may be steps we have to take before we can find out what the result is for a certain chapter of our lives. while it’s easy to get into our heads, take a moment to trust, surrender, and listen.

parting thoughts & tips

remember that synchronicites can provide guidance from the small, day to day moments of your life, all the way to helping you make life altering decisions! but all in all, this is a practice. it is a practice to listening to the universe, getting around and past yourself, and staying in touch with the forces in our lives. it’s okay if you can’t keep it up every day, but know that like any resource i discuss, this is always available! also, let it be fun! something i want to mention is that actually our digitized culture allows for a lot of fun with synchronicities because your social media feeds can actually carry a lot of symbols, especially because we are inundated with so many articles and images daily. so don’t be surprised if you see something appear on your feed!

if you have any questions, or would like to share your experience, feel free to drop me a note or message me on instagram!

i always want to know how to help you keep magic in your daily life and love hearing experiences and feedback.

until next time,