Early March Transits

just like that it’s march! the month that brings us the first tastes of spring in the northern hemisphere, promises of new growth, more sunlight, and warmer temperatures. we feel like coming out of the cocoons we had snuggled into over winter and begin to peek our heads out again, a little bleary but still starry-eyed about what could be awaiting us.

astrologically, february presented an interesting pace with relatively few major transits or aspects being universally made. for me, i felt incredibly stagnant and this stillness forced me to confront a number of things that were ready to fall away as we progressed towards this promise of new growth. now, we are immersed in a web of transits that seem to want to stir the pot, wake us up, and get our blood moving!

early march transits

you may have seen a barrage of posts about these transits on your instagram feed, but it can be challenging to keep it straight.

the three main transits that are at play are the following:

uranus moving into taurus

new moon at 15 degrees pisces

mercury retrograding starting at 29 degrees pisces

to clarify, uranus made its first ingress into the fixed earth sign of taurus last year in may. but like many planets, it retrogrades or appears to move backwards and revisited aries where it resided for the last 7 years. now, it is here to stay until 2026.

while uranus moving into taurus marks a new era for us, the new moon and mercury retrograding are more fleeting transits only lasting a few weeks in the case of mercury and a singular day for the new moon. despite this vast difference in cadence between these celestial bodies, the intersection of all these transits happening together provide a powerful opportunity for setting intentions and thinking intentionally about stepping into this new chapter.

let’s chat about what each of these energies mean, though, and how we can work with them.

uranus in taurus

when uranus was discovered in 1781 by william herschel, it opened up a new dimension of our cosmos and introduced a restructuring of how we consider the planets in astrology. now we have the personal planets, the moon through saturn, and the outer planets, uranus through pluto. this event of awakening, restructuring, and creating new pathways and networks of connection are all part of uranus’s energetic signature.

it had made it first steps into taurus last spring, but then it retrograded back into aries where it had spent the last 7 years. now, it makes its return and will work through taurus’s prism until 2026.

when uranus was in aries, it had us consider our individualism in different aspects of our lives. that aspect is is determined by which house aries rules in your chat, but the disruption, friction, and collapse of established foundations occurred through the lens of our identity and who we consider ourselves to be. after all, aries is the baby of the zodiac being the first of the zodiac wheel. while it holds formidable ambition and power as a cardinal fire sign, the phrase that fits aries is “i am” and reflects our process around self-determination. as the sign that welcomes the spring equinox, aries reflects that same energy of seeds bursting forth to launch themselves from the dark cocoon within the dirt out into the sunlight in a declaration of being.

as uranus moves into taurus, we enter the energy of a fixed earth sign. while the cardinal signs launch into new seasons, the fixed signs are about maintaining it. while seasonally speaking aries is about new growth and eruption, taurus is about the lushness that comes with the middle of spring. this means the flowers, nectar, sweet smells, bright colors. in taurus, we’ve moved past that initial inertia of self-determination and now it is all about getting spacious and understanding how we interface with the world around us—outside of the story in our head where we are the protagonist. we begin to place value on our physical experiences and how they interact with the identity that we have formed.

taurus begins to represent art museums, fine dining, aestheticism, interior decoration, dance performances, perfume, aesthetic architecture. it is also stock, bonds, markets, and bank accounts as we create systems around determining, investing in, and maintaining value.

with uranus moving into taurus, we see chaos become inserted into what is otherwise all about stability, maintaining, and determining worth. as a whole, this likely means shifts in banking policy, continuing to see the development of cryptocurrency and maybe it even shifting into the mainstream, or a change in tax policy.

to know what this transit means for you personally, you will need to see which house uranus is passing through and how it is aspecting your other planets to understand the full picture. in relation to this section of your life, this multi-year transit asks:

what do you value?

how do you invest your time and resources?

what story do you tell yourself about this section of your life?

how do you need to change it? what are you required to let go of?

think of this as a tower moment in that section of your chart. notice the planets it lights up and your feelings about having chaos in that part of your chart.

new moon & mercury retrograde in pisces

while we have many years to grapple with uranus’s energy in taurus, we stand at the beginning of a shorter cycle—the new moon in pisces. at the same time, mercury—which rules our thoughts, words, and forms of communication—commences its retrograde at 29 degrees pisces. this essentially means it was almost out the door of pisces only to go back inside to search for something or reconsider its destination.

pisces, ruler of the 12th house, is often referred to as an amalgamation of all the signs before it. if we consider the zodiac as a wheel, if aries is birth, pisces is not just death but the afterlife and our superconscious—how we exist on a soul-level. the 12th house rules over spiritualism and enlightenment, expressions of the soul including music and poetry, but it also rules over asylums and prisons. the best way i’ve seen it stated is the 12th house asks us if we will become prisoners of our own minds or if we can set ourselves free.

the new moon always gives us a moment to take a breath, come back to ourselves, and set intentions before launch into the next lunar cycle. with the new moon being in pisces, we are offered an opportunity for growth and renewal in the aspects of our piscean nature: our subconscious, our spiritual selves, our creative selves, the part that transcends beyond our physical experience.

mercury being retrograde in pisces only reinforces this moment of contemplation. mercury being retrograde often draws a great deal of ire in pop culture, because it chafes with the speed of our society, of our constant talking, email sending, texting, and desire to be constantly projecting ourselves outward. instead, it asks for that dialogue to be returned inside of ourselves, to listen more than we speak, to double-check our work, and to be intentional about the energy and pieces of ourselves we are projecting into the world. it brings appreciation back to the power we have to translate our thoughts into words and how that shapes the reality around us.

retrogrades as a whole give us an opportunity to retrace our steps. it’s almost like when you misplaced something at a party night before and you return in the daytime to check under the couch cushions. while it’s the same setting, the context shifts dramatically. you get to reconsider what lessons and messages were coming out of those moments when we first moved through that space, and also reminds us of what we may have missed in our haste.

the takeaway

while uranus in taurus is asking us to empty our pockets and really reconsider what holds value in our life and how we move through life as a physical being, the spiritual 12th house nature of pisces asks us to do kon mari of the soul.

you can see how this energy together gives us this moment to do an inventory of what is in our mind, the thoughts and stories we are operating based on, and also take a look at the dreams we have floating within our minds. we are asked what sparks joy and what we are ready to unburden ourselves with while still thanking each experience for what it has given us. there is a sense of recollecting what we are no longer interested in investing in both on the spiritually and physical planes of our lives and thinking about how with uranus in taurus, a new dawn is on the horizon and we need to be intentional about how we are arriving.


if you are interested in engaging with ritual work or tarot spreads around these transits, head over to this post where i list some of the ideas i have about working with this energy and the idea of connecting the physical and spiritual planes of our lives.

otherwise, always feel free to contact me with questions or to share how this provided you with further understanding!

until next time,