11 Ways to Incorporate Magic into Your Routine

let’s reclaim our sense of ownership over our practice and give it some breathing room through it being something we get to do, rather than have to do.

I was recently asked on Instagram, “How do you find time to practice so consistently while balancing everyday life and obligations?” and could’ve exploded with joy that this was asked! When we scroll through Instagram all day or wherever we are seeing projections of other people’s lives, that what we are seeing! Even someone like myself, where I definitely try to offer a more sincere and grounded approach to the platform, am only sharing the glossy, glow-y bits that are about my practice—not me begrudging washing dishes or the guilt I feel when I don’t always have something to share on Instagram!

So, in short, I don’t always find time to practice magic or witchcraft on a daily basis. I have gone months without reading tarot for myself, forgotten full moons, not really cared to investigate certain transits because like any person, when you’re going through it, you may not want to always pry deeper or you could just be busy with life!

in these moments, it’s important to remember that this practice is for us, by us. this phrase should be tattooed on my body at this point, but that’s how much i really believe in it. it can totally feel like someone is on the outside, looking into your life, and judging your for not casting spells 24/7. great news is even if that is happening (which it shouldn’t, definitely get that checked out!) it doesn’t matter because it’s not about them! instead, let’s reclaim our sense of ownership over our practice and give it some breathing room through it being something we get to do, rather than have to do.

set yourself up for success

before diving into a few different ideas to incorporate witchcraft more easily into your hectic day, i think that the most important first step is to set yourself up for success and be realistic about your time constraints and also what you are interested in! when we are rushed, busy, and stressed, it may not be the time to explore the practices we have a stickier or tough relationship with. it’ll just turn us off and we will feel sorry about not practicing later—not the cycle we want to really get into!

for example, like a lot of folks meditation is struggle bus central for me. should i still take time aside and develop discipline around it? absolutely! but maybe it shouldn’t be my go to practice when life is insane. instead, choose something you like, adds to your life and mental state positively, and is available to you emotionally, physically, and spiritually! just finding the things you can easily turn to can make an immense difference in your day to day practice. if you’re feeling a little stuck or don’t know where to turn to do just that, without further ado here are some ideas i have for you!

8 Ways to Add Magic to your Routine


if you have your sunday afternoon already set aside for meal prep, why not prep something witchy for the week? on your day off, take a little extra time to sit with your candle and think of an intention or mantra that you’d like to bring into the coming week. perhaps it’s “i take care of myself” or “i allow myself to rest” — it doesn’t have to be something promising to shift the tectonic plates of your life, but instead can be a gift to yourself throughout the week. then, when you’re drinking your coffee in the morning or winding down at night, you can light your candle and reflect on that intention for a few moments while moving through your day. aside from reaffirming that intention for yourself, which can be a really helpful form of orientation, candles are also just nice? period? soak up the coziness and delicious aromas that candles bring!


while we may struggle to find time to actually sit down with our decks, astrological charts, you name it, it doesn’t mean that we can’t be furthering our studies in other ways! when i had a 45 minute commute each way, finding my way to my deck wasn’t always a natural use of my time, but listening to podcasts helped me continue to think about the practice, the archetypes of the cards, and more. when i did get to my deck, i would bring with me a renewed sense of curiosity, new ideas to consider, and more knowledge! audiobooks can be a great expansion from this idea as well!

some witchy podcasts to consider:

  • open magic (obviously a little bit of a cheat! but i do recommend it since we talk about things just like this article!)

  • the radiance project

  • embodied astrology

  • tarot for the wild soul

  • the witch wave

  • myth and magic for modern times


as i write this list, i’m realizing i apparently i do a lot of witchcraft in the car! while you may feel a little crazy to start off, if you are interested in developing a relationship with your guides this is a great way to do it. just in driving to do errands or go to work, you can start to develop a dialogue with your guides. this can be out loud or internal, but thank them for getting to your destination safely, share any highlights or frustrations about your day, ask them for guidance on smaller or large aspects of your life, but establish that line of communication—they are there to help you! when you become comfortable with this line of dialogue, you can start to get more interactive with it! ask to see particular signs and symbols such as a pink car, to hear a song on the radio, or whatever you want (yes, i’ve totally asked for the most green lights possible and it does work!). this can be incorporated into other work that you are doing with signs and synchronicities, as well. if this interests you as a practice, i wrote little piece on how to use them for guidance and in your day to day life over here.



we can bring plants into our home that are medicinal or carry other significant meanings. plus, they are magical beings on their own. take a moment to water them and as you do so, perhaps think of an intention you have growing as you nourish the plant, or just visualize the water being full of vitality and life force that your plant is absorbing. you can expand on this practice by burying sigils and notes of intention into the soil of your plants and thinking about them blossoming as you care for your plant. you may also find that taking care of your plants may make it easier to take care of yourself, as well, and to consider your needs just as you would with a plant.


we all have to sleep! if you are particularly busy or struggling to move through life in general, much less incorporate magic into it, this can be an excellent practice to engage in. as an added bonus, it can really help with sleep hygiene. like many folks, the first thing i look at when i wake up is often my phone. while i should do this all the time, particularly when i’m trying to do dreamwork i’ll set my phone in the kitchen to charge at night so that i won’t get distracted and completely forget my dream when i wake up! to start your dreamwork practice, all you need is paper and a pen at your bedside. when you wake up, i find its useful to try to put your dream together and remember pieces of it before you move too much. but take a few moments and just start to write about what you experienced in your dream. at first, it will likely seem mundane, but as you wake up and investigate the dream further, you might recognize signs, symbols, or at least understand why certain elements are of symbolic importance in your life. while there are many dream dictionaries, start by evaluating how these symbols are powerful to you and what meaning they have in your life. as you get into the habit, you can start asking for certain issues, questions, or signs to be revealed or at least explored in dreams, and it can be another avenue to interact with your spirit guides.


this may be a little bit of a cheat, but if we are talking about our lives overall, joining a group can be a great means of enhancing your magical practice. a group provides you a sense of companionship, people to bounce ideas or questions off of, and just having that designated time to discuss or practice your magic can be so helpful in keeping up with your practice. if this isn’t available in your area, or you don’t feel comfortable being out as a witch or someone who engages in metaphysical practices, there are many online groups that you can join either hosted by practitioners (like our patreon), via facebook, or internet forums. but this will help you remain engaged with your practice, make friends in doing so, and also provide inspiration and insight into other practices that you may want to explore yourself!

a tarot to-do list i pulled for myself the other day!

a tarot to-do list i pulled for myself the other day!


while this is a little more involved than the other suggestions, this can still just take around 10-15 minutes in your morning. some folks love to do a daily draw, which can be a great way to keep forming associations and considerations around your cards, but there are other options as well. for me, i like to do what’s called a “tarot to-do list” where i use either my tarot or oracle cards and ask, “what are the three things i need to focus on today?” when drawing my cards. you can make it more or less, but i consider the message in the cards and try to consider how it would translate to my everyday life and make a little to-do list out of it! cleaning my home, reaching out to friends in need, and taking time for myself are all things that have appeared on my tarot to-do list before! you can expand this practice by asking your cards about more everyday, mundane questions and questions like helping you decide what to make at a potluck, how to decide what dress to wear, or where you should go for dinner. you’d be surprised at the insight it can bring, plus it makes our relationship with our decks more friendly and delightful when we may be used to intense, grave questions or answers!


this is a fantastic practice for any part of your day. and what’s great, is it is all in your mind so you can do it at work or without drawing any extra attention to yourself. is someone pissing you off at work because they are in a bad mood? take a second and take a few deep breathes, thinking about all of that negativity billowing out like smoke. when you’re ready to move on, start to imagine yourself in a golden, smooth, soft cocoon that will keep you protected from taking on anyone else’s bullshit! personally i love to do this while showering. i’ll draw a sigil that i’ve thought of on our glass shower door, and as it melts away in the steam and water, i think of everything from my day melting away from me and washing down the drain. talk about refreshing!


while i’m clearly an advocate for smaller, everyday rituals, it’s incredibly worthwhile to set aside some time for more in-depth exploration such as shamanic journeying, longer meditations, or taking the time to face the practices that ask us to do more emotional work. it’s important to get into the habit of reserving our time for ourselves, as well. you can dictate the frequency, but schedule a time for these more in-depth practices and stick to you! you deserve that time for yourself and your magical practice.

10. movement as magic

this is one of my favorite practices! whether it’s lifting weights, which is my preferred form of movement, to yoga, to going on walk—movement is easily a part of our magical practice. we can spend a lot of time up in our heads and really developing the more mental and spiritual parts of ourselves, but it is important to remain grounded in our practice. while exercising, you can think of a mantra that you repeat to yourself, you can use your intuition to help guide you on your running route, find a sense of mindfulness in checking in with your body and truly sinking into the sensation of movement. it can become a moving meditation where you focus on your breath, as well. consider where you are feeling tightness or pain and how this might translate to mental stressors in addition to any physical ailment. but recognize that taking care of yourself physically and tuning into your earthly body is just as important as your spiritual, intellectual, and emotional self.

11. intuitive journaling

this can be a little more time intensive than the other practices i recommend, but you can also set parameters around how much time you spend journaling! what’s nice about this practice is it requires minimal materials and can be done in virtually any setting, whether that’s waiting at the bus stop to being at work. this is a little bit different than writing, say, a journal entry—though it can start or end that way—but instead of consciously collecting your thoughts and recollecting what has happened during your day, month, year, whatever, this is focused more on the flow of thoughts. it sounds silly, but just start writing. what themes are circulating in your life? what word do you keep hearing over and over? how does it make you think of grandmas house when you were a child? what cravings have you had? what is the energy within you, at the office, in the world in general? it doesn’t have to be linear or structured, but follow the journey of your mind through the different associations. this will really help expand your intuition through giving space and voice to thoughts that you may otherwise automatically shut off in our day to day lives, but then want to access later in our more intuitive practices. start to let that door open in your daily life and see what you are sensing around you already and see how your intuition is being utilized or active all day!

final thoughts

i can think of a billion other ways to incorporate magic into your life, but we will leave this list where it’s at for now so we can explore other ideas later! that being said, i would love love love to hear about your everyday magical practices, what ideas you may have gotten from this piece, and practices you would want to be included on this list! feel free to drop me a note, comment below, or hit me up on instagram!

until next time,