The Magical Moments of Synchronicities

I do believe in an everyday sort of magic — the inexplicable connectedness we sometimes experience with places, people, works of art and the like; the eerie appropriateness of moments of synchronicity; the whispered voice, the hidden presence, when we think we’re alone.
— Charles de Lint

Coincidence, serendipity, destiny, fate, whatever you want to call it, we seem to hold this universal experience that, once and awhile, we are momentarily placed closer to the hands of fate that diligently weave the gossamer threads that create the tapestry of our lives together. As the strings grow taut and cinch around us, for a fleeting moment we get a glimpse of the grander pattern that shapes our lives.

These moments have come to be referred to as synchronicities.

We can form a diligent practice around observing these synchronicities. Through writing them down or making note, we become more sensitive to the vibration of these strings and the pattern, the soft song of the strings as they draw towards one another, becomes familiar and we become attuned.

Once they are recognizable, we can become students to this pattern asking questions such as,

Why is this appearing at this moment?

Why is this noticeable to me?

What connection does this present?

What message is there to draw upon and learn from this synchronicity?

I also find that, removed from their meaning and just the recognition and experience of synchronicities alone, remind us of the magic that life holds. magic is not this constant cycle of churning out manifestation, making it appear before our eyes. instead, when we face life with an observatory, soft gaze—just as one would look into a forest to detect movement—suddenly it becomes alive with such more much. and sometimes it is not so subtle, but presented to you head-on and in proclamation—and in those moments we can be reminded that we are never truly alone, but in a constant web of this energy for us to draw upon.

I recently have felt a wave of synchronicities wash over me in the most wild ways and wanted to share my experiences. these synchronicities have arisen for me honestly at a time when I was the least perceptive and open. i’ve been stressed, feeling stagnant, and in the midst of a transition as I leave my current job and seek others. there hasn’t been much of a moment to gaze up at the larger picture for a moment, but here they enter my life demanding I lift my eyes!

featured image by hazzel silva via unsplash.

what does the robin know?

image by  Gary Bendig  via unsplash.

image by Gary Bendig via unsplash.

the first significant synchronicity I experienced in January was when I was having a frustrating day at work. I was feeling stuck and like I was hitting my head against the wall.

while my mind’s eye was very focused inward on these emotions, I decided to take a break for a second, clear my head, and make myself lunch.

as I waited for my lunch to be heated, I gazed outside and was surprised to see an entire flock of robins congregating in every bush around my workplace. they hung on power lines, branches, and flew overhead in the number of forty or fifty! I had never seen a flock of robins so immense, and especially when it wasn’t quite springtime—it had been quite frigid out for the past few days.

birds have held a great amount of meaning for me since I was a child and spent hours sitting by our bird feeder, seeing what birds were coming in season after season. there messages have always been particularly potent.

when I went back to my office, I immediately looked up the symbology of the robin as I didn’t have any automatic associations from my own life.

a particular phrase stuck out to me.

“robins teach us to sing our heart’s song. sing about what makes you happy, and the rest will follow.”

i’ve been devoting so much time to this blog and then pushing our podcast out into the world this past weekend.

in that moment, I felt seen for those efforts and felt that my passion was affirmed.

but the plot only thickens from here!

my heart was warm and certainly singing its song for the rest of that day, that was not the end of the lesson from the robin.

now, something that’s quite intriguing about our very digital age is how we can even receive synchronicities appearing in our social media feeds, our emails, and more!


and this is exactly what happened to me the very next day. like any morning, I was spending some time scrolling through my instagram thinking about these events from the day before and just reliving the feeling of absolute wonder that consumed me when a book appeared prominently on my screen.

there it was, with a moss green cover and an illustrated face of a robin with the title of what does the robin know? right as I was filling up my cart on thrift books for some other texts I was making sure to purchase—the timing couldn’t be better!

naturally, I added it to my cart while smiling blissfully about just how wondrous and magical life can be.

at the end of the day this can just be a coincidence that we scroll past and who is to know what’s lost—but who is to know what is gained until we explore it further!

since then, I started reading the book and was intrigued to find that it called me back to my roots while in college. during school, I studied biology and actually conducted research with birds as a field technician. the subject matter of the book is how the animal kingdom all looks to the birds for their messages of danger or to be on alert—if you can read the behavior of birds, you’ll be able to read the forest. to me, it felt incredibly poignant for the aforementioned reasons, and seemed to ask me to return to those lessons and apply them in my present life through listening to the more subtle messages, to being carefully observing to the patterns around me, and also to return to spending time with nature.

i’ll be sure to give a synopsis of the lesson it’s bringing me once i’ve finished reading it!

my reading for the full moon in Leo with the bottom cards as what i’m bringing into my life, releasing, and, on top, what it will all be for.

my reading for the full moon in Leo with the bottom cards as what i’m bringing into my life, releasing, and, on top, what it will all be for.


synchronicities have also been very wild and alive in the tarot readings I have done with myself lately!

the full moon/eclipse in Leo this past month was particularly significant for me as it was right on top of my natal moon in Leo at zero degrees.

as part of my ritual—other than popping out of my house every few minutes to stare up at the sky in the freezing night air—I drew a few cards to see what was entering my life, what was leaving, and what it was all for. with this draw, I saw a number of reoccurring characters!

the nine of pentacles and eight of cups had appeared in a reading that gina from incandescent tarot had given me over a year ago!

in my full moon reading, it was the sign of what all of this was for: being fortified, drawing from a place of strength, stepping into my own. I remembered when it appeared in my reading from a year ago it had struck me so much as something I wanted to embody I even bought a jumpsuit that looked just like the one the woman is wearing in the card!

this drawing came within the week I had decided to give the notice at my job that I would not be staying for much longer and I saw reassurance in the eight of cups, that what I was walking away from wasn’t going to be fruitful at the end of the anyways, so nothing is truly being lost even if I’m feeling grief or disappointment.

in the beautiful, beaming sun that’s depicted in the fountain tarot’s rendition of eight of wands, I saw my intention for February, which I had decided to set as “vision,” directly reflected in the expansive sunbeams and call towards a focal point!

the reading I received almost a year ago with nine of pentacles, strength, and eight of cups all making an appearance!

the reading I received almost a year ago with nine of pentacles, strength, and eight of cups all making an appearance!

this reading really struck me as deeply reflective of my current state and also reassuring about trusting my own instincts about my path.

with the reappearance of nine of pentacles, I decided to look back at the reading I had received over a year ago to see if there were threads from that reading I was seeing being manifested now. when I pulled up the image of it, I gasped in surprise! perched right next to the nine of pentacles was strength—my card for this year! talk about some strong messaging from there tarot that I was really stepping into that reading I had received a year ago!

but it doesn’t end there!

for the past few weeks, I have been really pondering and considering the eight of wands, especially as it matched so well with my intention coming in for February and as something i’m bringing into my life. I had drawn a sigil based on the appearance of the card and been working with this symbology and everything—after all it seemed significant enough with everything else lining up!

it was last night when I was sitting down to work on my reflection for January and experiencing queen of pentacles as my card for the month that I thought to myself, “huh! I don’t remember what my card for February is, that would be good to mention in my planning for the upcoming month.”

my partner had been very sweet and ordered a year ahead reading from gina for this coming year and that’s what i’m basing my reflections off of this year!

when I pulled up my reading for the year ahead, I almost woke up my entire house from my surprise!

my card for February was eight of wands!!!

what I find particularly magical about this moment is how I was honing in on this energy and embodying it so wholeheartedly that this final revelation acted just as a confirmation—the gossamer threads that weave this into my life are momentarily made visible. my awe and wonder truly comes from how I could just already be going along with the ebb and flow of my life, but by recognizing these moments of alignment, I get to see the journey actively unfold, to see the strings, and to have really a choice to lean in and help the process. I plan on embracing the process and really leaning into what the eight of wands has to bring!

working with synchronicities

as discussed above, there are many ways to work with synchronicities—including just taking them as joyful moments of alignment and leaving it at that without further exploration! but after providing so much information about my own experience with synchronicities here’s a little bullet list of ideas for working with them yourself!

if you have any synchronicities you would like to share feel free to write a little blurb on them and submit them to us (you don’t have to be a professional writer!), email them to me, or share via instagram or the comments below! I would love to hear from you.

ideas for working with synchronicities:

  • start a journaling practice where you record even those smaller serendipitous moments

  • ask the universe for particular signals & signs—this could be light-hearted things like ‘show me a purple car’ to more intensive things such as “if x is to happen, show me a robin, if y, then a grouse”

  • if you work with tarot, take pictures or write down the cards you draw for yourself and occasionally review for patterns

  • pay attention to the environment around you and notice the animals that appear regularly—or even just words that seem to be bubbling up more than usual!

  • if you work with astrology, I like to check my personal transits for the day at least a few times a week and notice if any of the themes arise as indicated by those transits—one time a particular transit presented a time where an old friend could appear, which I thought was strange, and a college friend contacted me that day to work on a project! I smiled to myself out of the wonder of those things aligning!

  • if multiple friends are suggesting a particular event or place to go—especially if from separate friend groups or at separate times, see when you can naturally check it out, you might be surprised at what follows!

  • I think the most important thing is to stay playful and curious about life. these things can bring immense, life-changing wisdom into our life, but they can also just remind us how magical and fun life can be in the connections that are made for us! so while you can take great lessons from these moments and even help yourself make decisions, it’s okay if you don’t notice every single occurrence or if you don’t act on them! it’s a practice for you to engage in to bolster your life and resources!!