Moon Void of Course: The Resting Moon

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The thing that still brings me the most delight about magic, astrology, tarot, and more, is learning about other people’s personal practices. It’s because when they light up and share the associations, experiences, and stories they have, they are creating magic through storytelling. Our daily rituals and lived experiences with magic and modalities carry just as much power (and I think even a little bit more) than something that may be solely instructional because when we feel it in our heart, our intention is aligned and that’s where the magic is created!

That’s why I want to share a little bit about my rituals around the moon being void of course, which is a regular element to my astrological practice (which I do consider a practice more than just a method!).

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What does it mean for the moon to be void of course?

The moon changes zodiac signs approximately every two and a half days. Within this time period, there is typically a moment where it is no longer making any applying aspects (aka opposition, trine, square, sextile, or conjunction) to other planets as it changes signs. It instead enters this in between state of not being in major relation and in transition between the signs. A CALENDAR FOR THIS TRANSITION CAN BE accessed HERE.

Just like the waxing and waning of different moon cycles grant us different energies to work with, this liminal moment also grants us opportunities. That being said, when I was first introduced to what it meant for the moon being void of course, I did not have such as rosy relationship with it!

Instead, I was given a laundry list of activities that would inevitably fail if I were to initiate them while the moon was in this in between time. Surgeries that wouldn’t heal right, job interviews that wouldn't end well, projects that would never come to fruition.

I was freaked out by this planetary saboteur!

the moon being void of course as permission

as I felt nervous scheduling meetings without consulting moon void of course calendars or dread about attending those set by others—a quote surfaced in my mind from when I read Tracy Marks’s book Astrology of Self-Discovery. A great deal of the book centers around our personal experiences of transits, which has become such a focus of my personal astrological practice, and it addresses this feeling of doom and gloom.

Verbatim, what is the point of having knowledge of astrology if we are just going to dread and brace for every transit that comes our way?

I started to utilize moon void of course calendars in scheduling meetings and interviews as a means of aligning and honoring the energies at play. After all, it really was a choice! No one is forcing you to make choices based on the stars, but we can choose to and through the process engage with intentionality in how we schedule our time and show up. It wasn’t really until today that I felt I fully embraced the true opportunity that this liminal space grants us though.

These past few weeks have been delightfully electric, but tiring nonetheless! I’ve helped launch a podcast, I’ve written multiple blog posts, started applying to new jobs, and more! I’ve enjoyed it all, but there comes a time when you just want to press the pause button and drift amongst the darkness. I was feeling tired, irritable, and like I was in a pressure cooker with so. many. commitments, planning, scheduling, writing, posting, scheduling more, I just wanted to escape for a moment.

It was this afternoon that I realized that is exactly what the moon being void of course affords us. A moment to rest, recollect, and reposition. It grants us an opportunity to also experiment and ask for the unexpected.

I realized this when a meeting I had was rescheduled and had the thought to glance at the time table I have for the moon being void of course and it was in its transitional state until this coming morning at 4 am.

I felt the story start up again, “Well then I can’t apply to all the jobs I need to apply to or fill out that application…” but that heavy, tired side of myself took a huge deep breath and sighed happily, “We don’t have to do anything! The evening is ours!”

I realized it was offering me that very opportunity I was so desperately seeking! It grants me the opportunity to breathe, collect myself, and really map out where we are headed next versus just plunging into the depths using adrenaline. It meant listening to music and seeing how this post would develop when I sat down to write it.

Just as I utilize the full and new moon cycles to begin and let intentions culminate, I’m looking forward to utilizing this energy even more intentionally than I was before. Instead of not scheduling things out of fear, letting it be prompted permission for structuring my day with a more inward focus. Letting myself take a restful nap. Letting myself just be.

Photo by  Annie Spratt  on  Unsplash

how to align with a drifting moon

while it may seem that this part of the moon cycle derails things, I really think that the tension we experience with it is so much more focused on our relationship of control and the need to be constantly working than the actual effects of the moon being void of course. when we choose alignment with its energy, in this case we don’t just access the magic it brings us, but it starts to provide alternatives for these ingrained thought patterns, stories, and beliefs about how we must structure our time. when the moon becomes void of course, i would categorize the actions that find alignment with its energy to fit into one of these three categories:

  1. mental: releasing ourselves from being busy, expectations, or the need to control

  2. physical: giving our body time to just be or engage in nurturing movement

  3. emotional: directing our energy towards what brings us joy, play, and blissful, relaxing enjoyment

now we all have our responsibilities, but I would try to engage in one of these practices and see how you feel! honestly, “see what it means for you” might as well be engraved on my tombstone already, but it’s how you get to deepen your relationship with these things and access the power it can bring for you—which beats anything I could just instruct you to do! anyways, if you can, I would try to engage in at least one of those forms of release. say the moon is void of course while you are work, while you can’t release yourself from that space or the mental labor that comes with the job, perhaps see if you can allow your energy to be directed towards something that will make your coming week easier like writing a to-do list, sorting emails, etc. WITH THAT IN MIND, here ARE SOME ADDITIONAL IDEAS…


  • daydream

  • take a bath

  • engage in mindful, enjoyable movement

  • if you play an instrument, now would be a great time to see where improvisation takes you

  • just start writing, see where your mind takes you—it could be a beautiful new story or just a chance to clear your mind

  • listen to music, let yourself get lost in the rhythm

  • write a to do list

  • journal

  • take a nap

  • partake in an activity that directs your energy inward — this could be reading, listening to a podcast, etc. but I personally like my energy to be inward facing rather than as express during this time, you could find the opposite and that’s totally okay!

  • enjoy Time and relax with your loved ones

  • try something new and just get curious about what will happen! attend that meet up you’ve been thinking about, try a new activity, etc.

  • try a social media detox/blackout

  • edit, revise, reconsider during this time

things to consider

while I think it’s a disempowering experience for me to just tell you to do or not to do certain things, I think that the moon being void of course offers us the opportunity to reconsider partaking in particular activities, just as it provides us the opportunity to engage with others. if we consider the qualities of the moon being void of course, it is a moment where things are suspended, softer, and a bit more ethereal it seems. as a result, it may be worth being intentional about doing the following activities.

  • making major life changing decisions

  • buying high dollar items

  • job interviews

  • important meetings

  • first meetings/dates

  • surgery

by all means, you have the free will to do whatever you want while the moon is void of course, but just be mindful of it and let that information inform you how it will! that’s the whole point of astrology!

also, if you're stuck in a position where you have no choice, even if you’d like to move it, get curious! typically things don’t necessarily develop how we would normally expect when they are started during this time, get curious about what will emerge.


I would love to hear your experiences with the moon being void of course! know that my inbox, instagram, facebook, and the comments below are always open for your input or questions!

otherwise, in case you missed the link in the post, here is where you can find a calendar for the moon being void of course.

rest easy!