A Meditation for the Holidays

As we run around, make plans to see loved ones, exchange gifts, or spend Christmas alone or without family we can end up letting our needs go to the wayside for the sake of the holiday and other people’s enjoyment. For myself, I’ve felt a great deal of guilt over actively choosing not to see my family for Christmas, but I know it’s exactly what I need and I’ve felt a great deal of relief over it. As a result, when feeling particularly pained by this decision and feeling a lot of grief, I sat down and started to think of this meditation. You don’t need to be estranged from your family to enjoy, haha, but it can be helpful for anyone to pump the brakes for a second even if you’re having a splendid time! With a little meditation, you might even be able to savor your experience even further and really capture the sensation of some of those memories while still acknowledging if there’s a way you can show the same love to yourself that you’re showing to your family and friends.


A meditation for the holidays

Find a quiet space and a time where you can truly be alone without disturbance—this could be early morning or late at night if you’re staying with family or friends.

If you’re in your own home, gathering whatever props you feel like would be useful, light a candle, incense, or whatever else you’d like to help set the tone. Don’t have any materials? That’s totally fine, just find a comfortable place to sit.

Closing your eyes, start to just focus on your breathing. Deep inhales, deep exhales, observe the texture and sensation of your breath. Is it tight? Relaxed? Is it in your tummy or is it in your chest?

In this moment, let all to do lists be suspended and all worries about what’s happening after this meditation just melt away for a moment. Don’t worry, if they need to be taken care of there is plenty of time after the meditation, it could be that they will even feel a little less pressing after we are done.

Now for the fun part. Imagine yourself in your mind! It could be as you appear in this moment, but it doesn’t have to be you in this moment. If you’re really feeling pain from your family and need some healing, it could be yourself as a child—or yourself in the present, of course. It could be how you actually see yourself or just an entity that represents you. You get to choose.

You know yourself very well, trust that connection you have with yourself. What is it that you really want or need in this moment? It could be that you really need help having a bill paid off—while you might not be able to actually give that to yourself, you can give yourself the gift of release from guilt and acceptance that your finances are not equal to your worth. It can be giving yourself permission to release yourself from the pressure of always needing to be responsible and instead face vulnerability and knowing that you are still worthy of love.

As you imagine this gift, don’t question whether or not you actually deserve it. In this meditation, you are deserving of any gift you’d like to give yourself so long as it is in your best interest and is being given and received with love to yourself.

What does it feel like to give this gift to yourself?

Really allow yourself to explore this sensation and enjoy the gift that you’ve given yourself.

Don’t forget to show gratitude to yourself and thank yourself for taking the time to acknowledge your needs. Even if you really struggled to come up with something or came up empty handed, thank yourself for taking the time to do this meditation.

You may stay with yourself, or stay alone, in this meditation as long as you’d like to explore and deconstruct the different feelings and thoughts that come up.

photo by Robert bye via unsplash.

photo by Robert bye via unsplash.

As you get ready to come out of the meditation, take a moment to let whatever positive feelings you experienced in this meditation—self-love, acceptance, relief—expand out from your heart center in a golden light until it expands beyond your physical body. Let it become an auric shield around you. You are filled with and protected by these experiences of acceptance, love, and inherent worthiness. Again, this is not the time to question that, simply let it be.

Once this process of shielding is done, take a moment to breathe deeply and blink your eyes open. Give yourself a moment to acclimate and maybe drink a glass of water before going on with your day.

further steps

If this is process brought up something you deeply desire that really resonated with you—you could even utilize it in spell work later! You could form a sigil out of a phrase such as “I love myself” or “I am peaceful” if it was more love you were needing and use it on its own or via candle magic.

let me know if you have any other suggestions for this process or any experiences you have!

also, if this time of year is more challenging for you, i see you and am sending lots and lots of love your way. you are not your family or family situation and you are all inherently worthy of love and acceptance just as you are.

happy holidays,

xo bri