November Transits: Dwelling in the Dusk & Dawn

November 2018 Transits.png

featured image by Julia florczak via unsplash

ah, what an exciting journey the heavens have in store for us for this next little bit!

when it comes to transits, you could spend every waking minute tracking the planets’ movements through the firmament and the many shifts and currents they bring into our lives. that being said, there are sometimes moments when we have a few major transits all coming together to create what I described oh-so eloquently to a friend as “major crazy star time!!!”

in my own personal relationship with transits i’m thoroughly impressed by people who can just keep up with the moon cycles and honoring each of its phases. I work full-time in addition to my many side-gigs (such as running this blog) and sometimes the most I can do is stare up at the moon and thing “dang, moon, look at you being beautiful out there” before going inside and making dinner at 9 pm.

that being said, it’s moments like this past week in November that I really dig deep and start doing some reading about what to expect!

so what exactly do we have going on up in the sky?

november 6: uranus retrograded back into Aries until march 5, 2019

november 8: Jupiter moved into Sagittarius for the next year!

november 15: venus stations direct at 25 degrees libra

november 16: north node enters 29 degrees cancer & south node enters 29 degrees capricorn

I kept seeing reoccurring images of light filtering into caves, brandishing lanterns, moths flitting through the evening. it was this sense of living in the dusk and working with it, not just banishing darkness and overwhelming it with light.

my understanding and relationship with astrological transits was greatly shaped by tracy marks’s book, the astrology of self-discovery, which you will hear me mention an endless number of times. in the book, she has an entire chapter that specifically discusses outer planet transits and how, when there is a significant transit any of the outer planets are experiencing, that energy shift and you essentially have two choices. you can either look to your birth chart and evaluate how this may affect you and even adjust your habits and behaviors to work with the energy, even if challenging or scary or uncomfortable, or you can fight and have that energy manifest as it will which may not always come out in your favor in the short term, but may introduce long term lessons. for example, I don’t remember the exact circumstance but she gave an example of the outer planets transiting her second house of possessions and belongings in a particular way. she resisted the changes it demanded and instead her car was vandalized, the insurance claim completely botched, and it forced her to change her habits. instead, she had to get all of her errands done in one day, she went walking with friends more often, and it ended up being one of her most productive times in terms of her writing.

now, I get that sounds super threatening, but I think we can see it as this incredible opportunity to get curious about our charts to be flexible with ourselves! after all, how serendipitous is it that we have the ability to access our charts and play this sort of energetic tai chi with what the universe can bring us?! it provides an opportunity to imagine new futures of ourselves, to access the many facets that exist within us, and active them in new, sometimes intimidating, ways!

transit themes

I really see that theme emerge with the transits that face us this past week and looking forward. when I started to think about the transits collectively as an overall theme, I kept seeing reoccurring images of light filtering into caves, brandishing lanterns, moths flitting through the evening. it was this sense of living in the dusk and working with it, not just banishing darkness and overwhelming it with light. instead, these transits ask us to build upon the shadow work we’ve done with jupiter in scorpio for the past year in addition to venus being retrograde. we’ve had to stare into the chasms that exist within us, to see where we hid devastation, to finally face our emotional pain and take the steps towards reckoning and healing. even with jupiter entering sagittarius we might be inclined to think it’s time to party and be jolly, which certainly this is plenty of room for, but jupiter isn’t just here for a good time but asks us to expand our horizons, to get curious about our location—both physically and mentally. accompanied by uranus re-entering Aries where it had dwelled for the past seven years prior to this past spring, talk about entering a dynamic time!

the key word I keep returning to in pondering uranus retrograding in aries is self-determination. who do you really want to be? who have you been working towards being for the past seven years? what journey have you gone on? while uranus moved into taurus in the spring to give us a taste of shaking up how we make and use money and other related affairs, it returns to remind of us the work that we’ve done. once it returns to taurus in march, we are asked to manifest our dreams, to bring that internal work outwards and to make it substantial.

whew. alright. everyone still with me?

returning to the lessons introduced by tracy marks regarding outer planetary transits, notice how you are feeling pushed or pulled In your life. I really see these transits as manifesting in a way where something you’ve pined after and worked hard to make happen—in any facet of your life—may suddenly just plop in your lap. now, you may have spent so much time dreaming and hoping about it, just wishing it could materialize, but now when you have the opportunity it feels terrifying! after all, when we are dreaming and hoping we don’t necessarily have to take action, aka we don’t have the chance to fail! while you may be feeling like “I can’t handle this” or “i’m not ready yet” guess what? you are. you just have to show up and get curious about those stories that are trying to safe guard you. don’t look to other people or outside events for permission to do what you want. after all, this is your life. again, uranus in aries asks us: who do you want to be? what do you want to do? and jupiter in sagittarius reminds us there’s a whole world of possibility out there and why not expand your horizons and go after your dreams?


working with transits

so if you really want to get curious about how to work with this energy and utilize it in your favor, go look at your chart! see which house these planets are transiting, which planets they are aspecting, and you can also turn to tarot to help you interpret if astrology isn’t your thing.

I did this spread on the left on the new moon in scorpio to provide me some insight of the large transits swirling around.

for the bottom row, I selected a card to indicate what the new moon in scorpio, jupiter entering sagittarius, and uranus entering aries meant for me respectively.

the card at the top was chosen with the question of “what is ahead for me from these transits?”

now, I would recommend free styling a spread. maybe you choose a card for jupiter in sagittarius and you want to inquire further and really get to know what the texture is of that transit for you and understand that relationship, maybe you do want a card for multiple planets, but I would follow your curiosity! after all, that’s what jupiter wants anyways, hehe.

also this is just my own thoughts and what I was getting as a message for these transits, so people may have their own interpretations and there’s plenty of amazing literature from people who are wayyyyy more experienced than me! and that’s super awesome and provides even you the opportunity to tap in and see what images come to mind, what you’re feeling, and what your feelings are around these transits! what a wonderful opportunity to strengthen your intuitive skills—may you can even keep a journal to see what you notice shift over the next few months as these outer planetary transits work like a slow cooker.

that all said, I would love to hear your thoughts and impressions by sending me a note, on instagram, and/or on facebook.

until next time,

xo bri