welcome to tadpole magic where you can find inspiration & insight into modern, magical living through astrology, tarot, and more!

i’m bri and i’m happy to see you’ve found your way here.

i’m a witch, astrologer, tarot reader, grad student, and writer living in durham, nc, with my partner, cat, and dog.

i love to use metaphysical elements to help others reflect upon, weave, and create their stories—whether to gain better understanding of the past, themselves, or to move forward in a different direction.

while i stumbled into astrology and tarot with starry-eyed curiosity and wanting to know “what it all means,” i stayed because of their deeply therapeutic elements that have allowed me to gain greater insight into myself and helped me navigate incredibly challenging times in my life.

from my own experience in using tarot, astrology, and magic to work through and survive trauma, i approach these modalities from a trauma-informed perspective. i also believe in the importance of working with these elements in the long-term in a safe, emotionally-supportive space (hence my creation of my learning your astrology program!).

i’m not here to tell you who you are, that you just have to release what’s no longer serving you, or make wild promises.

instead, i want to help you access your inner wisdom and use these elements to bring greater clarity and meaning to your past and present experiences from your perspective.

make yourself at home here and i’m happy to say there are many ways to access my work including following my instagram, listening to the podcast i co-host, joining our patreon, to looking into my services. let’s get to know each other, get familiar with my work, and see where you’d like to take it from there!